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Pressure Regulator 817 and 818

Product Overview

Pressure Regulator Dome Loaded Type 817 Cartridge Primarily designed to function as a non-return valve, but has the capacity to hold the valve closed. The 803 combines all the features of both the 801 and the 802 valves into one unit, making it ideal for situations where it is not practical to install two valves or where safety is paramount.

Inverse ratio on both models is greater than 200:1

Manufactured in sizes ranging from 1\4" to 2" and for type 818 in 9 different spring ranges up to a maximum setting of 370 barG (5500 psi)

Materials of Construction

  • Cartridges - Stainless Steel Nickel Aluminum Bronze
  • Housings/Bodies - Stainless Steel 70/30 Cu Ni

817 Spring Loaded Version Space Envelope


Pressure Regulator 817 and 818

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