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Power Operated Stop Valve 806 and 807

Product Overview

Power Operated Stop Valve Type 806 Cartridge Type 806 is a normally closed electro pneumatic actuated valve and has been primarily designed for the remote isolation of any hydraulic or pneumatic flow lines up to 400BarG (6000psi)

Integral actuator requires 6 barG (80psi) to fully open the valve at the maximum operating pressure.

Internal switching (up to 4 off) provides remote indication of the fully open/ closed position of the valve. (Directly coupled)

Available in 6 different sizes ranging from DN 6 to 50 (1\4" to 2"), Type 807 is identical to type 806 but is the normally open version.

Power Operated Stop Valve 806 and 807 Space Envelope

Materials of Construction

  • Cartridges - Stainless Steel Nickel Aluminum Bronze
  • Housings/Bodies - Stainless Steel 70/30 Cu Ni