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Manually Operated Stop Valve 801

Product Overview

801 Stop Valve Cartridge Utilizing the oblique pattern principle, this valve has flow characteristics equivalent to those of full bore valves, but retains the sealing qualities of conventional globe valves.

Available in 6 different sizes ranging from DN 6 to 50 (1\4" to 2").Low hand wheel torque is ensured throughout the whole pressure range by the use of balanced stem technology.

Operating pressures range from 0 to 400 barG (0 to 6000 psi).

Materials of Construction

  • Cartridges - Stainless Steel Nickel Aluminum Bronze
  • Housings/Bodies - Stainless Steel 70/30 Cu Ni

801 Manual Operated Stop Valve Space Envelope

End Connections

  • Butt or socket weld