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The Cartridge Principal

  • Housings can be installed at a different time to that of the cartridge valve.
  • The housing becomes a permanent integral part of the system.
  • Each housing will accept the full range of cartridges only the size of the cartridge being the limiting factor.
Cartridge Housing
  • Each cartridge valve is fully retractable from the housing
  • All parts are fully accessible including the seat and plug for easy maintenance.
  • Seat construction is such that replacement is by a simple one-touch clip arrangement.
Cartridge Stop Valve
  • Cleaning and pressure testing of the system is easily carried out before the installation of the cartridge valve by the use of specially designed flushing adapters and blanking covers.
  • Common components have been used throughout the entire range of cartridge valves ensuring that the spares requirements are minimized.
Housing with Flushing Adapter
  • The fastening of the cartridge to the housing has been so arranged to ensure that the orientation of the valve is always positioned correctly.
  • The oblique (45° angle) pattern design gives a similar flow characteristic to that of a full flow ball valve, yet sealing is equivalent to that of a plug valve.
Housing and Cartridge Assembly

Download the 800 Series Cartridge Valves PDF

Range of Cartridges

Available in Sizes DN15 to DN 50 (1/2" to 2")