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Regulator Control Valves - Series 2000

This standard series of reducing valves has been specifically designed to reduce inlet pressure of up to 343 bar (5000psi) when manufacturing in stainless steel and 270Barg (4060psi) when manufactured in brass. Both versions will deliver accurate outlet pressure control from 0 to 270 bar (0-4000psi).

In addition to our standard range, a high pressure stainless steel version is available which provides accurate outlet pressure control from a maximum inlet pressure of 400 bar (6000 psi). The outlet pressure control is similar to that of the standard range, but has added setting range of 0 to 350 bar (5000 psi).

The wide range of seals on offer enables a multitude of gases or liquids to be controlled accurately, whilst integral filters, should the application so dedicate, provide the necessary protection against the ingress of damaging particles.


Port Size and , NPT or BSO.

Material brass or stainless steel.

Inlet Pressure 280bar (4000psi) brass 343 bar (5000psi) stainless steel.

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