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5014 - Differential Pressure Reducing Valve
5017 - Differential Back Pressure Valve

Product Overview

Whilst similar in construction to the 5013, the 5014 valve provides for a sealed spring chamber which allows for either a biasing or a reference pressure to be applied to the spring chamber. This in turn augments the force of the spring and is used when a flow limiting application is required.

Type 5017 is the back pressure version of this range, and incorporates all the features of the 5016 valve, but adds the benefits of a flow limited to a differential pressure reference.

Materials of Construction

Material Specification Grade
Carbon steel ASTM A216 WCB
ST. STL (316) ASTM A351 CF3M
Bronze ASTM C9220 B61


  • Full port area
  • Balanced for low inlet pressure effect
  • Cage guided plug minimizes vibration
  • Rolling Diaphragm

Typical Flow Curve