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Military Products

For more than 40 years Dynamic Controls products have been fitted in surface and submarine fleets throughout the world - providing engineering excellence in all areas of design, production, and reliability.

Key to our success in this field has been the unique development of the interchangeable cartridge valve concept. Not only does its' design allow the valve cartridge to be fitted after thorough flushing (ensuring a clean and reliable system) but routine and unexpected servicing downtimes are also drastically reduced. Minimum maintenance, shock resistance, quietness in operation, and versatility have become recognised as essential features of this unique valve system.

Users of the cartridge concept find the products simple to configure when designing a complex system, and installers have the added benefit of knowing accidental damage will not occur due to pipeline debris.

Whether you are operating hydraulic, air or similar systems you can be assured that the cartridge valve system, through its extensive range, will fulfil all your requirements.

See Cartridge Valve Systems page for detailed product Information.

Military Applications

  • Torpedo Tube Weapons Handling Hydraulic Systems
  • HP Direct & Emergency Blow Systems
  • Diesel Start
  • Turbine Start
  • HP Air System
  • Workshop Air
  • Bottle Adaptors
  • Dive Air Panels
  • Hydroplane & Steering Gear Hydraulic Power Plant

Nuclear Products

The BVMI range offers high integrity bellow sealed globe valves, high quality forged stainless steel strainers and other special purpose valves for the nuclear fuel processing, nuclear power generation, and nuclear decommissioning industry.

Forty years of experience in the design, development and manufacture of these specialist products places the company firmly in the forefront of current thinking, and ready to meet the exacting standards demanded by the industry at large.

Material selection is based upon many years of product development and application - taking into account temperature, corrosive factors, wear, galling and strengths required. Full traceability of all the component parts is offered, along with documentary evidence to international recognised standards on all products.

Bellows are manufactured to meet the requirements of BS5352 on cycle life at maximum working conditions and have been subject to a fatigue test on all current models, with each bellows assembly helium leak tested after fabrication.

BVMI is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dynamic Controls. See Bellow Sealed Valves page for detailed product information

Nuclear Applications

  • CO2 Reactor Cooling Circuit - Nuclear Power Plant
  • Radioactive Waste Water - Nuclear Plant
  • Liquid Sodium Heat Exchange Circuit - Titanium Production Plant
  • Liquid Sodium Calciner Circuit - Magnesium Refining Plant
  • Decay Stores Containment - Nuclear Power Plant
  • Contaminated Stream Containment - Nuclear Power Plant
  • Liquid Sodium/Potassium 'Alloy' Decontamination Circuits- Decommissioning Nuclear Plant
  • Nitric Acid Containment - Nuclear Plant
  • Liquid Nitrogen Cooling Circuit - Space Rocket Engine Test Facilities
  • Liquid Hydrogen Fuelling Circuit - Space Rocket Engine Test Facilities
  • Liquid CO2 Storage Tank Filling - Special Gas Manufacturing
  • Petroleum Refining Circuits - Oil Refinery
  • Vacuum Containment - Cryogenic Plant

Offshore Oil & Gas / Petrochemical

In supplying the offshore, oil and gas, and petrochemical industries world wide, Dynamic Controls has developed a range of pressure reducing and back pressure valves to satisfy the needs of the most discerning customer.Available in spring, hand and dome loaded versions, our series 2000 and 5000 valves are well suited for high flow applications in various pressure ranges where close accurate control of downstream pressure is required.

Manufactured in several different material types to suit all environmental conditions, and fitted with a range of seats and seals to ensure compatibility to the most onerous of media, these valves provide the user with the flexibility of application demanded by modern processes.

See Dycon series 2000 hand operated regulators
and Dycon series 5000 self controlling regulators for detailed product Information.

Offshore & Petrochemical Applications

  • Offshore Drilling Panels
  • Offshore Well Close Down
  • Offshore Sub Sea
  • Chemical Injection Unit Control
  • Diving System - Breathing air supply to diving bells
  • Anhydrous HCL Supply Valves
  • Air Supply - Racing pit lanes
  • Smoke Making Machines - Disneyland
  • Fire Fighting - Nitrogen or air supply valves (Damped Valves)
  • Oil Pressue Regulation - R.O.V.'s - Diving Industry
  • Gas Supply to operate Life Boat Motors in Oil Fire at Sea
  • Hydrogen Supply Valves with Seal Monitoring Port
  • Oxygen Supply Valves for Diving Industry

Bulk Gas Products

Dynamic Controls proven technologies offer high integrity solutions to the complexities of gas management systems.
Derived from our series 800 cartridge valves, our product range utilises all the benefits associated with the basic principle developed to reduce size and cost of both the initial capital outlay and through life.

These modular systems achieve this aim by combining the flow characteristics of a ball valve, the sealing qualities of the globe valve, and the maintainability of Dynamic's cartridge principle. This complete unit combines them into a gas management system to control the most complex of installations.

Bulk Gas Applications

  • Primary Control Air Systems
  • Single & Multi Gas Bottle Filling Plants
  • Helium Loading System For Rocket Propulsion
  • Nitrogen Loading System For Rocket Propulsion